What makes a great job ad? Here are 3 examples
A great job ad is key to finding the right person for the role—especially in this competitive job market.

And depending on your situation, there could be different things to focus on in your ad to help your business stand out and attract the right candidates.

Here are 3 examples of great job ads, each with a slightly different focus. Use any of these to help you create your own ad:

  • A well-structured ad: Simple works because it cuts through the clutter. See how you can use bold headings and bullet points to create a clear and concise job ad. You can use this structure for almost any job.
  • Showcasing your business: A great way to attract people is to highlight the benefits of working for your business. See how you can use your job ad to showcase your brand and stand out to potential candidates. This is great for roles that are in particularly competitive fields.
  • Roles with on-the-job training: Sometimes experience is less important, which is often the case for roles where on-the-job training will be provided. See how you can encourage more people to apply by talking about transferable skills, or the qualifications on offer.
  • A well-structured ad
  • Showcasing your business
  • Roles with on-the-job training